7 Things to Remember if You Want to Relocate in the Philippines


The Philippines is known to be one of the most beautiful countries to settle down because of its abundant nature, tropical climate, stunning beaches, friendly people, and booming economy among others. Once in a lifetime opportunities are all set and ready to be grabbed in this country.

A peaceful life in the countryside is wonderful but do you know that global city living can even get better? It’s because of the comfort offered by condominiums sprouting in strategic cities such as Bonifacio Global City or BGC in Taguig. It defines lifestyle and convenience, a haven where Live-Work-Play-Shop is now a reality.

Nowadays, real estate companies are booming in one of the fastest growing business districts in the city – BGC. Thus, condo for sale in the Philippines is increasing dramatically as well. Convenience is the main reason why young professionals and small families decide to move to this universal city and experience global city living. Its prime location at the center of major establishments makes this the most-wanted district in town. With a lifestyle that matches international standards, foreign citizens are sure to get attracted to pick a place and stay here for good.

Many real estate agents are offering global city condo for sale with big discounts and attractive payment packages, but only through research you’ll be able to know who are the property developers that should be trusted. Before getting a condo in the Philippines, here are things to remember and consider carefully:

  1. Location

Where exactly in the Philippines? If your main purpose is city living because of work or business, you should choose BGC. In every condominium, apartment or house and lot, it’s really the location that matters the most. A strategic location close to the major establishments such as hospitals, shopping centers, schools and recreational centers is really helpful for those who value their time, who want to save a big amount of money instead of spending too much on gas, and for those who want a restful and productive way to end the day. Proximity to the workplace is the goal of every young professional who plans to relocate to this place. Both local and international companies are transferring and building their empire in BGC, making it the primary financial district in the Philippines. There are wide parks to jog, football field to play, and unlimited restaurants and pubs to choose from. BGC is the newest business hub, as well as playground to relax in an elegant and world-class condominium.

  1. Safety and Security

Your family’s safety should always be your number one priority. Everybody should have an extra care anytime and anywhere by choosing a location that can provide one of the best securities –  this is exactly what you need in order to have a good night’s sleep. With the advanced technology being implemented in modern condominiums in BGC, security is a top priority and everything is planned for the betterment of its residents.

  1. People and its Culture

Filipinos are known to be friendly and hospitable, so adjusting to their culture is not a problem. Happy people as the world calls them, Filipinos love to laugh, sometimes a bit loud, so it’s common to observe a group talking and laughing out loud. However, they are also sensitive, but it won’t take long. Filipinos are also proud of their talents like singing and dancing. If you’re planning to stay long, expect to have a great time. Just always remember that you should always be careful on trusting anyone – just like in any place in the world. Believe in your instinct and do observe people well. Filipinos are family-oriented. Extended family is common.

  1. Dual Language

There are two official languages in this country – Filipino and English. For foreign citizens, it would be easy to communicate because almost everybody understands English.

  1. Transportation and Traffic Condition

Due to the increasing population and various modes of transportation, traffic jam is everywhere. Bus, jeepney, tricycle, pedicab (bicycle with sidecar), train, and taxi – all these make the streets crowded. You better choose a condo close to your workplace and the major establishment such as grocery stores, hospitals, and shopping centers. Commuting and driving may take hours during rush hour. If cosmopolitan living is what you are looking for, BGC is the ideal place for you due to its strategic location and less traffic.

  1. Warm-Weather Condition

Temperature is usually high and humid. It has a rainy season, too. Prepare clothes with short sleeves and those that are easy and comfortable to wear that will fit a sunny weather.

  1. Affordable Items

Compared to other countries, goods including food are cheaper here. However, some imported goods are extremely expensive. International shopping centers like SNR are dispersedly located in some big cities like BGC.

These days, investing in a condo in BGC (and similar places) is the best decision for locals and especially foreign citizens. With the prime location of modern condominiums mounted in strategic BGC locations like McKinley Hill, McKinley West, Forbes Town Center, and Uptown Bonifacio, one should grab the opportunity to experience global city living in the Philippines.

Endless options awaits you as you decide to choose Megaworld Fort as your new home. Check all the pre-selling condo in BGC and we’ll be glad to assist you get your new home.



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