A Guide to Living in Mactan Newtown: Here’s What to Expect


Next to the bustling Metro Manila, the province of Cebu is one of the most progressive and widely known provinces in the Philippines. Ceboom, a word combination of Cebu and Boom was used to describe its ceaseless development in terms of economic growth. Cebu City stands as the center of commerce, education, and trade in the entire region of Visayas. Despite the continuing progress in the infrastructure and generally, the economy of Cebu, it has maintained its rustic image being surrounded by nature and beautiful beaches that are sought after by locals and foreign citizens from around the globe. It’s the center of business, tourism, and real estate in the entire region and perhaps, the Philippines, too. Cebu has a bright future ahead of it and Megaworld Corporation helps in developing and molding this opportunity to becoming a reality for all the Cebuanos and prospective investors.

Megaworld Corporation, the country’s leading real estate and property developer has brought its renowned and top of the line residential buildings and commercial infrastructures in Cebu. Strategically situated in Mactan, Cebu, Mactan Newtown Township will bring a new thrill to the lives of every Cebuanos. This sixteen-hectare township got all it takes to experience a balanced city life with a mix of serenity of the countryside. You don’t need to travel out-of-town to experience the beauty of nature, with Mactan Newtown Condominium, the beauty of the sea is just outside your very window. Residential condominiums and leisure facilities are aesthetically situated at the beach resort frontage. Luxurious condominium developments and world-class business offices will justify Cebu’s strong economic indicators as the investors view this creation as a significant progress in the city.

Inspired by the Japanese concept of “niwa” or garden and “onsen” or the hot springs in Japan, you can unwind simply by staying home and enjoying every facility whether its indoor or outdoor. Open your windows to see the green moss, fern, and shrubs, and get the chance to raise your own tiny plants in the bonsai garden. The rock garden landscape, koi pond, and the water area can give you the perfect ambiance to reflect and meditate as often as you wish. Nature has its own way to wash away all the stress you had for the day just by looking at it and feeling its positive energy. The green color is refreshing and cool. It can change your mood to something lighter.

For those who would love to express their artistic side, there’s a room for ikebana or Japan’s systematic yet creative way of arranging flowers. There might be a hidden talent in you or your family members that you can discover and share to others. You can bond with your family and kids while doing the origami or the art of paper folding. They also have a room for this fun and educational activity. Experience Japan life in your own land, just outside your doorsteps.

Mactan Newtown Condominium has four fifteen-storey residential buildings located at a viewpoint along Mactan Boulevard where you can witness and embrace the stunning beauty of the beaches. Whether you choose a studio-type unit with at least 36 square meters in area, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom units depending on the size of your family, you can enjoy the state-of-the-art designs of the top to bottom glass windows, alfresco at the dining area and the pavilion. There are also multi-purpose function rooms for special events and gatherings.

It’s exactly like living in the highly urbanized Megaworld Fort condominiums in BGC, Metro Manila, but with all the perks of having a beautiful view at your window.

Why Should You Consider Living in Mactan, Cebu?

In 2016, Cebu was recognized as one of the most successful regions in the Philippines with a growth rate of 8.8%. Employment and business opportunities in Cebu are overwhelming as well. Whether you’re a young professional looking for career options, Cebu has an array of glaring job opportunities for you. Families can begin building their homes in this peaceful and progressive land for the future of their children.

In terms of accessibility, traveling to Cebu can be very convenient. Mactan is the cradle of Mactan-Cebu International Airport, the second busiest airport in the Philippines. Traveling across the country and outside the country is very accessible.

If you’re a traveler and a nature lover, Cebu is the number one option to settle down. Tourism has also played a very important role in the progress of Cebu. In fact, it accounts to around 2 million travelers per year, which include foreigners and locals. Cebu has the most beautiful white beaches and wonderful sea creatures in the country. If you’d like to explore the beauty it has to offer, you can choose between having a road trip or a wonderful bus ride while going to the rural areas where you can find the beautiful beaches. Among the amazing destinations in Cebu are the Oslob whale shark viewing, Moalboal Beach, and countless falls and more beaches that tourists and locals never fail to visit each year.

Just like other regions in the Philippines, Cebu preserves a rich culture being one of the oldest cities in the country. The city depicts a clear picture of the Spanish era as seen in the old houses and historical places around the city. Cebuanos also have a special way of thanksgiving. Among its popular feast is the Sinulog Festival. It is the largest festival in the Philippines, which commemorates the Child Jesus. Tourists and famous personalities come to gather and celebrate this feast.

The vision of Live-Work-Play-Learn and more is achievable in Cebu, which truly makes Mactan Newtown condos for sale a great investment for your family. From the unlimited career options, business opportunities, numerous site-seeing areas across the city, it’s definitely a one-stop-shop for you and your family. Recreational and relaxing activities in Cebu are never-ending. The preserved and beautiful nature of the city is just around the corner and traveling to this area won’t be too difficult at all. Experiencing its beauty will not require a big amount of money though. If hiking or trekking is your thing, you will surely fall in love with Cebu.

Career & Business Opportunities in Mactan, Cebu

Cebu is not only an attraction for tourists who would like to visit its beautiful beaches and scenic spots, it is also one of the most progressive business districts in the Philippines. It’s the first home of business process outsourcing or BPOs in the Philippines. In fact, it was recognized as rank 8 worldwide in the Top 100th BPO Destinations Report by the global advisory firm, Tholons in 2013. There are around 98 BPO and IT companies in Cebu and these companies employ around 95,000 Filipinos. With the competitive skills and hard work of Filipinos, especially the high proficiency in English language, Philippines is the perfect partner to grow the investor’s businesses. It is widely known across the country that Cebuanos are very fluent in English and it is indeed something to be proud of. With the growing economy of Cebu, more businesses are expected to flourish and more job opportunities will be open to Filipinos.

Aside from BPOs, Cebu also plays a big role in the shipping industry. With its strategic location being surrounded by bodies of water, Cebu has helped make Philippines to be ranked as the 5th largest shipbuilder in the world – as reported by The Observatory of Economic Complexity. It caters 80% of domestic and international shipping operators and shipbuilders in the Philippines.

Real estate industry is also moving to the Visayas area and Cebu becoming its primary target. With the city’s booming economic growth, more and more Filipinos and foreign businessmen invest on condominium projects and other businesses. Expatriates and locals are also persuaded to relocate to Cebu for good. In fact, given the option to live in Metro Manila or Metro Cebu, more expats would choose the latter. The real estate industry becomes the fastest growing industry in Cebu.

There are various business districts in Cebu such as the Cebu Business Park and Cebu IT Park. Megaworld Corporation will also build a business park that will home retail centers, high technology offices, and beachfront facilities. Away from the busy streets of the city, Cebu has its own simple definition of progress and sustainability.

Learn more about this township by reading “5 Benefits of Living in Megaworld’s Mactan Newtown Township.”

Cost of Living in Mactan, Cebu

According to studies, cost of living in Cebu is 10% cheaper than Manila. From the basic necessities like the food and toiletries to the popular restaurants, your hard-earned money can go a long way. Not only are the items cheaper, even the mode of transportation such as taxi is more affordable. For instance, an 8-kilometer trip will cost you around Php85.00 while a liter of gas costs around Php39.00.

Still thinking about buying that BGC condo for sale for your family? If you’re a food enthusiast, then you’ll probably change your mind after learning more about the rich food culture of the city. Cebu is known for its trademark delicacies such as the chicken inasal and Lechon Cebu to name a few. People fly to Cebu just to have a taste of these delicious dishes. Foods aren’t just delicious; they are affordable as well.

Living in Cebu is described as experiencing city life with a very affordable cost of living. In one of the reviews featured in internationalliving.com, a foreign citizen described Cebu as a city comparable to a first world city in the world for just a $1000 budget a month. The city was described as modern, prosperous, and industrialized. From transportation, food, healthcare, and recreation, one can experience what other big cities can offer but a lot affordable than any other first world cities in the world.

Cebu is also described as the perfect destination for expats and retirees who deserve all the comforts of the modern world without even spending too much.

Why Invest Your Money in the Mactan Newtown Condominium?

Foreigners, expatriates, and of course, the locals notice how convenient and ideal it is to live in Mactan, Cebu. Its natural beauty, geographical wonders and national heritage will amaze you, which are all very accessible from the city. Among the famous sites are the Mactan Shrine, Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, and Fort San Pedro among others. If you want to escape from the city life, going to the glamorous beaches, mountains and falls are your next option. Osmeña peak is a famous area where you can see the overlooking of Cebu City.

Megaworld’s Mactan Newton Condominium offers a kind neighborhood with extravagant condominium developments just like the prime townships in Metro Manila. Megaworld Corporation is the number one condominium infrastructure development and top business offices provider in the country. It has successfully produced eighteen large-scale townships across the country. Mactan Newtown Condominium is said to be one of the most inviting townships of Megaworld because of the beautiful beach that other townships cannot offer. It has a world-class indoor and outdoor facilities and wide open free spaces where you can go to unwind after a busy day. From the moment one sees the facade of the property, wing-inspired metal structures crowning the modern clusters and a huge lobby welcome visitors. Take a dip in the infinity pool with the in-pool lounge for your comfort. There is also an indoor gym for health enthusiast and an in-house spa that provides a variety of therapies. If you’d like to sit down, relax, and read your favorite book, you can go to the sun deck and see the stunning view of Magellan’s Monument. The Japanese-inspired garden will surely cheer you up as you view them from your window. Your precious time will be well spent in a peaceful home that gives a new definition to city living.

With a very affordable cost of living in Cebu and a comfortable haven to live, all you’ve got is a win-win situation for you and your family. Each day is a celebration to live in such a wonderful and progressive city. World-class business offices will also be opened to welcome new businesses and offer job opportunities. A brighter future awaits as the opportunities unfold one by one.

Investing for your future home situated in a progressive and growing city is the smartest decision you can make. This can surely give back a lifetime success for you and your family and a brighter future for your children. Choose now from the 3 developments of Megaworld’s Mactan Newtown: 8 Newtown Boulevard, One Manchester Place, and One Pacific Residence.



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