Benefits of Condo Living in BGC

Are you a workaholic who happens to work in the Fort area? Would you prefer staying in the office and working late rather than relaxing at the comfort of your home? If that’s the case, you have probably considered saving some money for a BGC condo that you have seen in the ads.

As the industry becomes busier, a significant number of employees seem to spend their life working. They are the ones who are very much focused on their career and devote most of their time finishing a job that is seemingly endless. On the other hand, a portion of the working population still chooses to work in order to live – which others may refer to as having a work-life balance. Working too much and having less time for yourself and loved ones often leads to dissatisfaction and the ultimate contradictory of happiness. Thus, it is not healthy to waste your time in the office as if there is no more tomorrow. Everybody has a life to live and nobody can tell what would happen tomorrow, the next day or next year. Hence, life is made to be enjoyed and lived fully now, not later, not tomorrow.

Having a comfortable home is the primary contributor to enjoy and experience life. It is not just a place to sleep, bathe and eat but a haven you will definitely choose to hang out and stay for good. What are the factors to consider in choosing a place or rather a “home” to live? First, one should have a realistic assessment of his or her current status in life. This will dictate one’s capacity to pay or merely budget, which is the primary factor to consider in investing a property. Another factor is your lifestyle. Are you a home buddy or going out most of the time is your thing? Are you planning to have a family in the next three or five years? Are you living solo, with some friends, or family? Would you choose to drive or just walk going home? All these are just some of the questions to consider in looking for the perfect place to live that will match your lifestyle and future plans.

With the skyrocketing price of Global City condos for sale and in other major business districts in the metro, a great number of people in the city is still renting an apartment or condo unit and spending a significant amount of money for a place to stay near the office, stores, or schools. No matter how long you pay for the house rentals, these can never be yours until you finally decide to invest in a property. Having your own home and not just renting is every individual’s dream. And with the countless pre-selling condos in BGC rising as well as other prime locations, wise investments are within reach.

If modern living, convenience, and comfortable lifestyle is your choice, then you will definitely have to consider the newest townships and condominiums in one of the country’s highly urbanized and successful business districts in the city – Bonifacio Global City (BGC) or popularly known as The Fort. This community has an excellent location where major destinations such as malls (SM Aura, Market! Market!, S&R), hospitals (St. Luke’s Hospital), churches, schools (Manila Japanese School and other international schools) and recreational centers (Kid Zania, Mind Museum, Trapeze) are just a short distance away. It’s a community where you live beyond expectations. Opting to invest in BGC condo is the most convenient and friendly way of living, especially for those who have less stuff to carry along. It’s also a comfortable place where you can relax at the pool and enjoy world-class architecture. This is better than taking staycations in private places, or checking in a hotel, which is very popular these days.

It has driver-friendly routes due to its accessible roads, well-maintained and respected traffic systems, and flood-free area; this place is indeed the perfect location for working professionals. As we all know, time is of the essence. Here, you won’t get fed up with heavy traffic along EDSA, Manila, and other parts of Makati when going to your office or heading home. No more endless lines in MRT and life threatening dark streets. In BGC, the colorful lights from modern buildings will brighten up your way to the office and to your homes; be prepared to get amazed by the superb global city living.

With a place so homey and cozy, you will always look forward to going home and enjoying life to the fullest. Owning a condo in BGC is not simply investing a property; it is choosing a life where the principle live-work-play is at equilibrium. You will surely choose the comfort of your home rather than be a workaholic. This is the best investment for a lifetime.

If you are looking for BGC condos for sale, feel free to take a look at the pre-selling and ready-for-occupancy projects of Megaworld Fort. Contact us today for more info.



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