Iloilo Business Park: Paving the Way for Progress in Visayas


Megaworld has been developing a unique range of high-end townships for clients to spend their time on. One of the areas that customers are excited to see is that of Iloilo Business Park. A deeply engaging location, Iloilo Business Park ensures that anyone visiting Visayas can have an enjoyable experience.

Already a location that many people enjoy visiting, Iloilo is about to receive the latest development that would make it an even more attractive place in the future. Once seen as the locale for lovers and those seeking to take things to the next level in their love lives, Iloilo builds on that with the Iloilo Business Park.

With the help of Megaworld, a whole new purpose is coming to the city to further intensify and diversify the excitement that can be had from this wonderful community. The largest and most respected property development firm in the land is now beginning to put major investments in place that are going to help directly change the future of the whole area.

Not only is the nation seeing incredible commercial growth because of such moves, but the likes of the new Iloilo Business Park offer an exciting opportunity for others to come and visit. These world-class township offer the opportunity for people to swing by and see a unique part of regions such as Iloilo City that they may have had little reason to come and visit before.

These kind of developments are positively vital for seeing the kind of growth that an area so rich with potential and hope as the Visayas clearly deserve. With a 72-hectare hub being developed, the new live, work & play community is going to be a hub of the future. The idea here is to create a new identity for the whole region; not just a place for those who already know Iloilo, but for the whole world to enjoy.

It’s going to be these kind of changes and investments that help bring a fresh feel and look to the area. This incredible new future as a financial powerhouse for the nation, the region, and maybe even beyond, is going to play a major role in future development of Megaworld Corp.

Iloilo Business Park is going to play host to businesses of various sizes, offering a home for everything from local enterprise to office blocks, and financial institutions, a gateway into a lucrative and actively growing and improving venue.

With 9 of the 72-hectactres already squared off for the Commercial District alone, this promise to be one of the most exciting developments within the region in some time. If you are looking for any further reason to come and visit a unique and growing location, then the new Iloilo Business Park is most certainly it.


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