Mactan Newtown: Benefits of Living in the Country’s First Beachfront-Inspired Township


When it comes to townships, one of the most inspiring and exciting options has to be Megaworld’s beachfront inspired Mactan Newtown located in Cebu.

A stunning township that is bound to keep changing and improving with new amenities and activities, it’s a location that is well worth visiting and enjoying. Not only is it a fun destination to spend some time at, it’s an even better place to live, thanks to the excellent concentration of excitement and enjoyable enterprise all around you.

What are the major benefits of packing up and moving here, though? What can that do for you personally?

Easy Transport

One of the best parts of living here is the freedom of transport. Although the severe lack of traffic lighting might seem a danger at first, drivers are relatively safe and the massive volume of public transport can keep you nice and safe. This makes a huge difference to your overall enjoyment of the island, too, as it makes integrating into and enjoying the lay of the land very simple.

Not only can this help you to enjoy getting around the township much easier than many of the contemporary cities, but it also makes it much easier for you to find your way around with relative ease. It’s a very fast-paced life on the roads here but the range of transport makes getting around so easy.

Cultural Integration

However, be warned that arriving here as a tourist tends to have a certain change to the way people will deal with you. A stunning location to live in, many of the locals will treat you with the kind of respect you would expect of a celebrity. It’s a wonderfully nice place to live, with a humble populace and a kind-mannered way of thinking throughout.

People will be happy to introduce you to as many little cultural innovations around the area as they can. Also, don’t be afraid of asking for help from locals in understanding the way of the town itself; people here are open and don’t mind giving you a little feedback on the city.

The Filipino people are some of the kindest and most selfless individuals on the planet. When you arrive here, you can expect to leave with a full appreciation of their culture and a willingness to integrate further into their overall culture.

Privacy is Provided

One of the best parts of the living culture here is that it allows you to really enjoy your own privacy. Despite having just about anything that you may need provided for you here, privacy is here at all times. This can make it so much easier for you to settle in; other townships can feel more invasive and less private. People here tend to be quite shy, but are very happy to talk to you if you initiate the conversation.

Don’t take this as rudeness or aloof attitudes from locals – they just respect your privacy completely. Overall, though, living in this particular part of the world can be a great way to initiate yourself in a rich and diverse culture that is very much worth being a part of.



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