Why McKinley Hill in BGC is the Best Place to Live in Manila?


For anyone looking to make the move to Manila, it can be quite hard to know where to make your start. When it comes to being able to enjoy the most comfortable living experience, we are sure you can get it from moving to McKinley Hill.

A deeply enjoyable location with plenty to do and see, this is a location that offers 50-hectare of security, safety and style. A fine little township that brings a Mediterranean charm to Manila, this is one of the most enjoyable ways to really “get to know” the area.

Come here and enjoy seeing Manila at its best; a location of genuine beauty and with unpretentious European flair. It’s got the style and the landmarks that makes Manila such a great place to live in. Everyone who lives here can enjoy a much closer kind of community spirit than many other townships can offer.

With nearby cities such as Makati and Pasig, it’s very easy for you to enjoy a much more structural and simplistic lifestyle. Also, you can get around this location with the utmost of ease. Traveling around the place is easy, using the numerous travel opportunities to get around unimpeded across the whole area.

If you are worried about living in a township that lacks some kind of comfort and style, then don’t worry about it. This can easily be avoided if you just decide to spend some time looking at how well-made, authentic and efficient McKinley Hill is.

With hundreds of residential lots, there is plenty of space without leaving you feeling stranded or uncertain of where to go next. Lots of condos exist, too, so there is plenty of opportunity for high-class without all of the usual costs that can come with living in such a grandiose setting.

Also, add in the world-class, competition ready football arena and this part of Manila could soon be seeing some high-quality football taking place here. In addition, it has 4 international-class schools, 90+ multinational firms and 90+ commercial establishments to choose from, there is a lot to be seen and enjoyed when working around the area.

For an upmarket area that already has employment opportunities, more than ample recreational activities to select from and a whole host of opportunities for just having some fun and relaxing, make sure to settle down here right away.

This is the kind of opportunity that is going to ensure you have all the assistance you need in making a proper move to Manila. While the whole area is beautiful, few parts can come close to the effortless style and charm that living in McKinley Hill can bring to you.



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