Things to Know Before Investing in a McKinley Hill Condo in BGC

When moving to BGC, most people will be looking at the kind of condos that they sell over at McKinley Hill. These are brilliant condos and excellent places to live and will be sure to give you the quality of life that you were hoping and expecting for.

At the same time, though, there are many things to know about moving into such a condo – and understanding them before you move in can be quite an important act. To help you make sure you are investing in the property correctly, here is a list of things to know.

The Law

First off, you need to understand The Philippine Condominium Act. This is an act that was put forward to allow people to co-own property or a piece of land aside from your own unit. It’s basically a law that allows you to have the right to use the property that your land resides upon. It allows you to avoid having your buyers’ rights abused and ensures that you are never misled when making a purchase.

Always be sure that you follow through with this legal body of work before making any kind of investment. So long as you do not own the land on which your condo is built, then as a foreign buyer, you can easily buy a condo in the country. With this law, then, you are going to be much closer to being able to buy real estate like the McKinley Hill BGC blocks.

Why Buy?

Like any other property investment, it pays to know about McKinley Hill before you move in. Why are you buying a condo? What is your reasoning for doing so – the investment? Is it the enjoyment of a better quality of life or more freedom in your own time? Make sure you are happy and convinced by all reasoning before you ever make the step forward.

It’s a more flexible piece of land, for a start – you have more options here than you would with a normal property. If you are looking to own a bit of land without having to sink all that money into building a property, then a condo is a good, safe investment. It’s also a fine commercial investment if this is the kind of path you wish to progress down in time.

Take into account the kind of unit that best suits your needs. With so many options on the market, you might want to move towards something a bit more affordable or you might wish to pay more and get something with more amenities closer by. The likes of McKinley Hill offer a good best-of-both-worlds option but it does come down to personal choice most of the time.

Just make sure that you are 100% happy with your decision before you make an investment. It’s a significant challenge to choose what’s the most suitable McKinley Hill condo in BGC that fits you, so be sure you are totally secure in your decision.



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