What is Live-Work-Play Lifestyle?

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Township, A City Within A City 

The latest in property development is the concept of integrated township. The practicality of this innovation is fast catching up over the past few years, and given its inevitable rise, majority of the developed projects are being offered to potential clients with the assurance that they will get to experience the live-work-play lifestyle.

Before a real estate development can be considered an integrated township, it should first meet the requirements established for this kind of distinction. A development primarily has to be self-efficient in every aspect, as well as provide at the minimum the basic needs of the community such as the presence of work, health care, shopping, and education infrastructures at the very least.

Ideally, it should have a balanced combination of commercial and residential areas with strategically planned infrastructures and leisure facilities aside from open and green spaces. The best way to summarize it is that it should incorporate all aspects of urban, modern-day way of living inside a given territory.

The thought of eliminating long drives and commutes on a daily basis and having everything you want and need within your reach is what makes this concept so attractive to the Filipinos. Condos for sale in the Philippines are selling like hotcakes due to the traffic situation in the country and by the looks of it, the situation will only get worse each day. As a consequence, the normal way of living of each family member becomes affected.

For those who are capable of acquiring a property in Metro Manila’s main CBDs, whether it’s a condominium suite in McKinley Hill, residential lot in any of the posh villages in Makati, or a preselling condo in BGC that is soon to be turned over, then it should be a no-brainer to move your residential address to any of these areas. Being part of an integrated township might be one of the best decisions that you will ever do, considering its overall impact in your lifestyle and most especially, your family.

Pioneer of Live-Work-Play Concept in the Country

The concept of self-sustaining community is introduced in the Philippines by Megaworld founder, Andrew Tan. Megaworld has taken pride in creating dependable innovations with its groundbreaking property developments. Before the ascent of condos for sale in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, the company initially started on stand-alone residential buildings in prime locations situated in Metro Manila.

As the years passed, what started as a stand-alone residential buildings has now become self-sufficient communities. These communities are what we know today as townships, which places residences in the same setting together with business offices, and commercial establishments. These enormous property developments are considered tried and tested investments that yield the greatest value to metro-based homeowners.

Eastwood City, the first established township in the Philippines is home to nearly 25,000 residential condominium occupants and about 70,000 business office workers. This 180,000 square meter community has slowly expanded over time to meet the increasing demands for commercial, office, and residential requirements. As the popularity of Eastwood started to grow, it has now become the standard for property developments.

Megaworld’s live-work-play residential development concept has truly redefined modern urban lifestyle. Eastwood City undeniably achieved success in its own right by incorporating each one of the live-work-play element. Aside from the typical elements that are present in a township, the addition of learn element made the current Megaworld developments more family-friendly. Lastly, with the presence of world-class malls in the vicinity, it one-upped its shop element further.

Soon, the live-work-play-learn-shop concept of the company will be experienced across the country with plans of township developments in Batangas, Cavite, Davao, Iloilo, and Cebu. What used to be a lifestyle that are exclusively experienced by an owner of a condo in BGC and Makati CBD will now be available to every Filipino. By the year 2020, the total population of all the combined Megaworld townships is estimated to reach 1 million at the minimum.

If only the financial aspect won’t be considered, who wouldn’t want to experience this kind of environment? Having everything you need within reach is something that every community desires.



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