Gondola Rides, Giant Wine Bottles Launch McKinley Hill’s Festa del Vino

October 5, 2016

Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Hill, Taguig City promoted its inaugural Festa del Vino, a wine and food festival, with gondola rides and giant wine bottles being painted by several artists.

The festival will begin on Friday, September 30, and will include a gourmet wine market, wine-tasting sessions, wine and food pairings, discounts on wine labels, and live performances by classical artists.

The giant wine bottles, standing ten feet high, will also be on display on Friday. Artists involved in the painting incude Annaliza Lazamana, Aner Sebastian, Convocar, Edgar Cornito, Eman Santos, Erwin Mallari, Jet Bernal, Perry Henson, Renato Andres, Robert Deniega, Rommel Toledo, Salvador Ching and Xander Calceta.

Mall visitors will also enjoy gondola rides. — Danny Pata/BM, GMA News

The Festa del Vino at Grand Venice Canal Mall will run from Sept. 30 to Oct. 9.

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