The Ellis: Megaworld Corporation introduces its 28th residential masterpiece in Makati CBD

September 29, 2016

We are all born one-of-a-kind – we have different names, backgrounds, beliefs, and ideals. But in a world where the judging eyes of society some times restrain us from embracing who we really are, it’s time for you take a stand and own your uniqueness.

Allow yourself to release your true creative spirit. Creativity, after all, pushes humanity and innovations forward – it’s important to never lose this along with one’s individuality.

Portraying the lifestyle of this new breed of multi-hyphenated professionals, leading real estate developer, Megaworld Corporation, introduces its 28th residential masterpiece in Makati CBD – The Ellis.

Creativity and innovation meets real estate

Located at L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village, The Ellis boasts “first-of-its-kind” amenities that are designed for the modern, distinctive needs of its future residents.

“The Ellis is for talented, creative individuals. It is what’s next for society’s ‘who’s next’. Quoting the words of Victor Hugo, ‘Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come’. With this project, I believe we have provided a place where everything is an amenity for the creative mind. It’s as if the place speaks to you and says, ‘Go and make something. Create. Make a difference,’” said Eugene Em Lozano, Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Megaworld Makati CBD.

CoLAB Shared Spaces

CoLAB Shared Spaces

One of the property highlights is the CoLAB Shared Spaces, which is a creative, non-conventional working space where residents can simply walk in, grab a cup of coffee, plug in their laptops, work peacefully, and expand their network with like-minded individuals.

Town Hall

Town Hall

The Town Hall, on the other hand, is the perfect space for casual socials, intimate galas, movie showing, acoustic sessions or even for hosting art exhibits. With its cozy feel and contemporary design, every event, whether big or small, will surely be one for the books.

Pause & Play Room

Pause & Play Room

Furthermore, the Pause and Play Room is a place where residents can take a breather from the daily grind. Here, enjoy classic board games, foosball and hammocks –   whether you choose to hangout with friends or enjoy your own company, there’s only one rule: have fun.

The Ellis is also designed with the overall wellness of its residents in mind. It has a fitness center that will let residents lift, push, flex, run, train and tone all they want with its expansive facilities and equipment to help them stay in shape while they achieve their goals one after another.

And for some more down time, residents will also have an al fresco poolside experience with an amazing view of the Makati CBD skyline.

Link Unit's Studio Home Office

Link Unit’s Studio Home Office

The Ellis’ modern, unconventional building shape embodies the character of its residents—the young, creative, and passionate individuals who continuously break borders to get what they want. It will also feature Megaworld’s very first LINK units, which are two units purposely connected by a foyer. Now, residents can live in one unit and have their business right next door – their own atelier, workshop, gallery, home office, or they can even rent it out or use it for AirBnB purposes.

For those who dare to be different

Not conforming to standards set out by the society takes much audacity. But sometimes, all it needs is the perfect place that supports all your ventures. Creative, original, different: just like you, The Ellis is definitely not basic with its out-of-the-box, carefully designed, and well thought of building features and amenities. Here’s to those who think out of the box, and who should live like that, too. — Inquirer

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