Treadmills, skygardens and new Megaworld HQ’s pledge to employee welfare, eco design

October 16, 2017

Property giant Megaworld Corp. has launched its new corporate headquarters that puts premium on employee well-being and environment-friendly design.

Called Alliance Global Tower, the 30-story building is named after the company’s holding firm, and houses some 3,500 employees of Megaworld and its subsidiary brands Global-Estate Resorts Inc., Empire East Land Holdings Inc. and other affiliates.

The Alliance Global Tower features an eco design. The LEED certified building is clad in double-glazed glass curtain wall, which allows natural light penetration with reduced
thermal heat.

“We had to consolidate all of our different real-estate operations, as well as our different subsidiaries, and we felt that it would be more efficient to be in one building,” Alliance Global Inc. Executive Director and Megaworld Senior Vice President Kevin Tan said at the sidelines of the tower’s recent media tour.

Megaworld used to lease office space at The World Centre in Makati City, before moving into its own building located at the company’s 15.4-hectare flagship township Uptown Bonifacio in the northern district of Fort Bonifacio.

Alliance Global Tower packs a total of 53, 248 square meters (sq m) of office spaces. Megaworld occupies 13 floors that each has 2,100 sq m of working space. Each floor features an “open office layout”, promoting corporate transparency among employees.

According to Tan, the construction of the tower began four years ago with the well-being of employees as the focal point.  “We took many years to design the building to make sure that it was designed with our employees’ welfare and comfort in mind,” he said. “The way that offices are laid out, and the different amenities, these were all taken into consideration when we designed the building.”

Each floor is equipped with either a wellness or creativity lounge for employees. Workout facilities, such as treadmills, are available for use after office hours at “Wellness Lounges”, while reading sessions and quick meet-ups can be done at “Creativity Lounges”. Both spaces have a pantry complete with tables, chairs and coffee facilities.

Located on the 26th floor is an expansive dining hall and event facility exclusive for Megaworld employees, called “The Great Hall”. The building also has a direct link to the Food Hall of Megaworld Lifestyle Mall’s flagship property Uptown Mall. Tan said this gives their employees convenient access to amenities, such as restaurants, supermarkets, cinemas and gym.

The tower’s 18th level is Megaworld’s Executive Floor. In it is the company’s seat of power, Chairman Andrew Tan’s office, which has its own kitchen, bar and bathroom. Astrid Cruz, Megaworld vice president for design, said the chaiman wanted a transparent and clean office suitable for entertaining to make guests feel that they’re part of the company.

There’s also a 300-sq-m “skygarden” on the 18th floor, and another 445-sq-m installation at the roof deck.

Alliance Global Tower is a green office development, certified with a widely used green-building rating in the world: the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design recognition, or LEED.

The double-glass curtain wall envelops the building’s façade, which allows natural light penetration with reduced thermal heat and sound insulation. It also has an efficient elevator system operating on integrated Destination Operator Panels and keycard access system.

These features have won Alliance Global Tower two major recognitions. The first was the Best Office Development Award at the 2017 Philippine Property Awards in May, followed by the Outstanding Sustainable Development for Office plum at the recent International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI Philippines) during the 2017 Property and Real Estate Excellence Awards.

Source: Business Mirror

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