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April 24, 2017


With Boracay Newcoast, it’s still possible to own a titled lot in the island paradise

As a top beach destination, Boracay has always been a haven to the hotel industry. But in recent years, international magazine Southeast Asia Globe noted that the island has seen a boost in the boutique hotel, mid private residence segments as well. This positive rise has allowed locals to sell their plots for substantial sums, thereby raising the level of economic prosperity on the island. In turn, this led to real estate prices in Boracay to enjoy a steady growth in the past years.

With private residences and luxury villas under development, Boracay is now competing in real estate terms with Bali and Phuket, doing much to attract foreign investment and raise the overall profile of the market. Maybe while relaxing on Boracay’s pristine shores, it could occur savvy investors that when investing in Boracay, the clear blue sky’s the limit. Boracay Newcoast, a prestigious develoment from Megaworld’s Global Estate-Resorts, Inc., is one such example of the limitless possibilities that the island can offer. Boracay Newcoast which boasts of districts that offer titled lots ideal for the investing community. First is the Town Center North, consisting of the Shophouse District and the Boutique Hotel District.

The Shophouse District, inspired by the communities like Key West Florida and Did Town in Ibiza, mixes residential and commercial components, where owners can put up shops at the lower floor and have their home at the top floors. Meanwhile, the Boutique Htel District allows buyers to build their own hotel brands or tie up with foreign institutional hotels. This district is particularly enticing because their guests will have access to three private beach coves with one kilometer of pristine white sand.

Second is Borcay Newcoast Village, which offers lots ranging from 250 square meters to 375 square meters in an exclusive amenities such as parks, pocket gardens and grill areas.

“Owning a titled lot in Boracay Newcoast is the best investment in the island, as the promise of its location will give you the highest return of investment (ROI) for your future business,” said Saki Mirabueno, vice president for sales and marketing, Boracay Newcoast.

A township within Boracay

Just when you think Boracay is already at its best it still gets even better. Boracay Newcoast, located at the Northeastern part of Boracay, is an exhilirating new community offering amenities inspired by the world’s best beach neighborhoods. With Boracay’s natural beauty coupled with state-of-the-art structures, your future visits into the island will truly be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

The life and center of the community brimmed with rows of numerous shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, an entertainment center and mid-rise residences. Also, internationl brand hotels, an exclusive 18-hole golf course, and other leisure centers will soon thrive on both sides of the estate. With 60 percent of the development intended for open spaces and lush greenery, the property will be the benchmark of environmentally-conscious urban planning in the island with its tree-lined, pedestrian-friendly layout as well as its seamless arrangement of road networks, sewerage and underground electrical lines. With that, beach lovers at Boracay Newcoast will continue to enjoy the sand, sea, sun and nature altogether with others who want to have a good time in every manner that the world’s best beach getaways could offer.

Source: Manila Standard

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