What’s There to Rave About Twin Lakes

May 2, 2017


It has become the latest destination to create quite a buzz among tourists, and in social media in recent years.

Twin Lakes—located along the stretch of the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway in Laurel, Batangas—is now more popularly known as the latest “it-place” that houses a thriving commercial strip, with the so-called “most beautiful Starbucks in the Philippines.”

Notable too that Twin Lakes has become a staple in numerous lists of “must try” and “must-see” destinations, mainly called out for having a romantic ambience and Instagram-worthy spots that offer unique and stunning views of the famed Taal Lake and Taal Volcano.

But more than just a quaint commercial strip, Twin Lakes in fact spans across a vast expanse of 1,300 hectares, and is currently being developed by Global Estate Resorts Inc. (GERI).

And if that strip with the “most beautiful Starbucks” is to be any indication, then it only means that with that much space, there are definitely more exciting things to rave about and look forward to at the Twin Lakes in Tagaytay.

Here are some of them:

1. The 10-hectare vineyard

It won’t be just the wine connoisseurs who will revel at this 10-hectare parcel where a vineyard will produce grapes that can be processed, stored, and aged in its very own chateau.

After all, this vineyard will finally bring Europe’s revered winemaking traditions to the Philippines and make this experience even more accessible to Filipinos. This makes Twin Lakes not only the first masterplanned integrated tourism estate in Tagaytay, but also the country’s first vineyard resort community.

Twin Lakes spans across a vast expanse of 1,300 hasa and is currently being developed by Global Estate Resorts Inc. (GERI).

2. Most beautiful Starbucks in the Philippines

Enjoy the flavorful aroma of a freshly brewed coffee while getting lost in the beauty and charm of Twin Lakes.

Currently, this two-level Starbucks branch continues to get rave reviews among guests because of its homey ambience and Mediterranean-inspired design, accented with wood displays, patterned windows and brick walls—rightfully earning its title as the “most beautiful Starbucks in the country.”

3. Unobstructed views of the Taal Lake and Volcano

This is definitely the icing on the cake: the stunning and unobstructed scenery spanning lush greenery, the clear blue waters of the Taal Lake, and a picturesque cone that is Taal Volcano. And such a view can be had whether you’re a guest at any of the restos at Twin Lakes or at the planned hotel and residential projects within this development.

4. Perfect wedding venue at the Twin Lakes Hotel & Spa

Tagaytay’s cool, balmy weather, as well as its unique, rustic appeal despite its modernity make for a truly perfect venue to say your I do’s and to exchange vows.

Clearly upping the ante would be the European-inspired Twin Lakes Hotel & Spa, which can probably tick off everything on your romantic checklist—from the venue, to the views, what’s left to ask?

Twin Lakes is the country’s first vineyard resort community.

5. Themed villages

Twin Lakes will once again raise the bar of luxury living on the countryside as it will have all the features and amenities needed to complete that luxurious chateau living experience.

One of the projects currently underway is a unique mixed-use community development called The Vineyard, which spans 177 hectares within Twin Lakes.

This will include a grape vineyard, a hotel, and The Vineyard Residences, a condominium complex that would comprise of three mid-rise residential buildings namely Merlot, Chardonnay, and Shiraz.

6. University Town

A 21-hectare University Park will be one of the main features of Twin Lakes. Educational institutions, including a culinary school, will soon serve the needs of residents and neighboring communities.

And what better inspiration can the students have than to be at the middle of such a beautiful township that will practically have everything you will need?

Twin Lakes will have all the features needed to complete that luxurious chateau living experience.

7. Twin Lakes’ shopping village and upcoming commercial areas

The clever assortment of dining establishments at Twin Lakes can cater to the varying and discerning palates of every foodie. Take your pick from Greg’s Fruitcakery, Bag of Beans, Santi’s Delicatessen, The Farm, or Bagoong Club, which are just among the many establishments at Twin Lakes.

And soon, Twin Lakes will be teeming with even more retail and commercial establishments that will suitably address the needs and whims of its guests and residents.

8. 15-km road traversing the township

A 15-kilometer stretch will soon enable guests and residents to reach the Taal Lake via a public road that will be constructed with the Twin Lakes township. Talk about communing with nature at its best.

Source: Inquirer

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