Why Invest in a Condo in BGC

A highly urbanized business district straddling the cities of Makati and Taguig – Bonifacio Global City, also known as BGC, Global City, Fort Bonifacio or The Fort is now one of the most flourishing cities in the Philippines. It offers state of the art land structure from high rise buildings, condominium, commercial offices, luxurious facilities and lots of destinations. It’s a community that offers comfort and convenience at its highest level. With the rapidly changing world and the unlimited choices and offers, it is essential to be wise in choosing the best offer. What is a wise decision then? Invest on something that will gain its value over time – Real Estate. Are condos a good investment? Yes, and since location is the most necessary factor to consider, BGC is the place to be.

Why Invest in a Condo in BGC?

Historically, BGC used to be a military camp offering homes to retired American and Filipino troops. In 2003, Ayala Land together with Evergreen Holdings and Bases Conversion and Development Authority refurbished the area, and that was the start of the brand new The Fort. From the mountainous part of south east Manila, BGC has grown to be one of the brightest business districts in the city.

Condominiums in BGC have superior services and premium amenities such as high quality fixtures, swimming pool, fitness centre, recreational area and of course, proximity to shopping centres, schools and workplace. The population in BGC consists of businessmen working in the area and minority of expatriates and their families. It’s a well secured and properly maintained place where everything seems to be in order. It is very conducive for a family to live in. A highly urbanized city yet can vouch for a healthy lifestyle due its clean and green environment. Many activities, sponsorships and showrooms are held in this district due to its spacious area that can contain a big populace. One example is the famous luxury car showrooms which could really attract tourist and other locals to visit the place. With its wide streets, cyclist can enjoy bicycling around BGC. Joggers feel safe to move around and do some aerobics if they want to.  There are also fun runs being held here so life can never be so boring. Aside from this, streets are very accessible to other business districts. Not only is it friendly to cars, it also has exclusive BGC Bus dedicated only to some areas around BGC. There are loading and unloading areas so traffic is controlled and accidents are prevented. If you have your Beep Card, same with the ones used in LRT and MRT, then you’re good to go.

BGC is also one of the few flood-free area in the Philippines. So rainy days are not so stressful.

Aside from its prime location and modern facilities, it is also one of the safest place to invest in real estate according to Property Consultant Jones Lang LaSalle. He also told a local news channel that more businesses prefer to find a home in BGC because of the abundant supply of high-grade office space. It is now home to the headquarters of both local and international corporate offices. There are banks such as Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank, EastWest Bank and Maybank among others. Business Process Outsourcing firms are also located in this city. The transfer of the Philippine Stock Exchange is a signal of more international offices to home here. Due to the rapid increase of business centres, the value of each condominium also increases in the blink of an eye. You can also acquire income by rent-out or resell of the property. By rent-out, there is healthy rental income returns due to the demand and large concentration of the working population.

Not only is BGC safe to invest in, it also offers a peaceful neighbourhood where malls are just walking distance from your home. There are various options to choose from –  SM Aura Premier, Market! Market!, S&R and Bonifacio High Street among others. You can do strolling or jogging. Traffic rules are very efficient and are being followed so it’s very safe to cross the street. It’s a one-stop shop where everything is present – hospitals such as St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City and Fort Bonifacio General Hospital. It is also a good place for families with school age kids. Children and those kids-at-heart will also enjoy educational tours to Kid Zania, The Mind Museum, Public Arts, Parks, Performing Art Centre and the Flying Trapeze in the Philippines. Since the place had been a shelter to US and Filipino troops, there is a special commemorative place open to the public, The Philippine Army Museum and Library.

Just passing through the organized streets of BGC, you can see international schools such as the International School Manila, Manila Japanese School, Enderun Culinary School, British School Manila and Korean International School Philippines. It’s a home not just for us Filipinos but it also welcomes foreign citizens. There are also churches such as Saint Michael’s Church, The Victory Christian Fellowship and New Life Christian Center Taguig.

People keep visiting BGC because of its wide range of high end restaurants and nightlife offers. There are restaurants anywhere you go inside the malls or independently located in dispersed areas. You can do window shopping or restaurant hopping by just walking through the safe streets of BGC. It’s also a hub for partying and meeting people across the globe while enjoying the ambiance. Almost all the buildings are of modern design so it’s really great to look around especially in the evening where lights are glowing all around the city.

With the Republic Act which states a sixty-forty rule, 60% establishment versus 40% recreational parks such as man-made lagoons and maintenance of the nature, we can never fear of being too much polluted in terms of population, noise, air and the others. You can freely walk around and enjoy the man-made parks for free.

With its robust commercial growth and ideal location, BGC indeed is one of the best places in the city. It’s a combination of business, recreational and a “perfect home” where you would not need to go out and travel too far to do shopping or visit the doctor or simply go to school or work. If walking is your choice, then BGC is the place for you. Having a condominium in BGC is a wise investment with its value shooting up in the years to come.

You may also check out our condo units for sale in The Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in a condominium unit in BGC today!

Source: http://business.inquirer.net/111407/bgc-safest-place-to-invest-say-experts



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