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Having long been one of the many jewels in the crown for Megaworld, Boracay Newcoast has become one of the most detailed and exciting locations for people to come and visit. With a fine blend of the countryside mixed with attraction and industry, this location offers the perfect getaway from the rest of the world. If you find that you want to try and get away from the madness of modern living, then a quick trip out here to Boracay Newcoast might be just what you have been lacking; it offers a truly sumptuous take on the countryside like few other locations can provide.

The Perfect Blend of Country and Comfort

Boracay Newcoast Township - Live Work Play Learn

By perfectly joining together the quality and comfort of the land with all the amenities and features that make modern living so fun, Boracay Newcoast makes living the life of luxury so much simpler!

It’s a fantastic tourist attraction that draws people to each of its five fantastic districts. From the Boutique Hotel District for those who are just staying for the day and want to enjoy some sumptuous shopping, to the Shophouse District when you want to pick up something extra special for someone you love, this offers all the features that you could possibly need in this instance.

From the Oceanway Residences that offer a breath-taking view of the world around you to the fantastic Newcoast Village that offers picturesque living conditions at a fraction of the price you would expect, life here has never been so simple. Boracay Newcoast offers the easiest possible way for you to enjoy and appreciate the challenge of life in the modern era; from a more rustic perspective, of course!

Thanks to this, you can enjoy what is sure to be an exciting and memorable living experience.

Visit the Grandiose Newcoast Station


One of the main attractions for many visitors, though, is the fantastic Newcoast Station. A deeply exciting location and the main location that tends to bring people here, this grandiose plaza building is the centerpiece location that goes the extra mile in offering both entertainment and education. With many of the main attractions served here, you could easily come to the Newcoast and just enjoy spending all of your time here. Within the plaza and the classy living conditions provided here, you could very easily live a luxurious and ambitious lifestyle just by going between the two!

However, you can also make use of a take-off point and make an easy trip across the region to take part in any of the other locations that exist here. Thanks to this factor, you can enjoy the various other features that have helped to make this whole location one of the finest tourist hotspots on the market.

If you need help in fully appreciating the beauty and the class that Megaworld Boracay Newcoast can offer, then visit the Newcoast Station; it’s the central point to access all of the most exciting and engaging areas around this wonderful resort.

Take Time Off at The Beach


One of the best parts of using this particular enterprise is that it allows you to easily take time off at the beach. Despite the mass flurry of activity that goes on here every day, the beach offers an escape that is unimpeded by the activity elsewhere. This means that if you just want to relax and take your mind off a hard and stressful day, then a quick jaunt down to the beach can be the perfect way for you to start enjoying and appreciating the natural beauty of this fantastic beach resort.

The sand, sea, and sun in perfect harmony together is always a recipe for having a good time – so come on down to the beach and enjoy a more relaxing time than other parts of the venue can offer you. It’s the kind of location that makes it nice and easy for you to just settle into the theme and fun of the events that take place. From the various forms of nightlife that take place every night as revellers party and have fun together, to the excellent events, concerts, gigs and promotional events that take place, having fun has never been so simple!

Take Life at Your Own Pace with Private Homes

Boracay Newcoast Township - Oceanway Residences 3

Boracay makes it easy for you to settle into a rhythm of comfort, fun, and excitement just by giving you access to a private household – should you want one. It makes it easy to enjoy the area and to have some fun in a picturesque region. From the various views of the ocean that every property can provide you with to the easy way to escape the madness of the cities and the large grounds, this allows for you to be able to just relax and enjoy the tranquillity, instead.

Not everyone who comes to this amazing part of the world is looking for an energetic event, after all. Some people want to escape, to relax and to just forget about the madness of the world around them. We make it easy for you to take life at your own pace and at a rate of development that you can feel comfortable with.

Thanks to this, you can take life at a pace that you feel happy with, enjoying the chance to relax and unwind or take part in a glut of fun and exciting activities. The choices are yours entirely – what will you do?

The Art of Living Perfected in Boracay


Thanks to the extra detail that has gone into making sure that every property can be as diverse and as exciting as possible, the art of living has been more or less perfected by Megaworld in Boracay. This allows for far more simplistic living in a manner that suits you – from the party animal looking for a paradise to the business executive looking to recover in the rays of the sun, every option is open to you here when you come and stay in this little piece of paradise!




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  • Situated in the premier eastern side of the island facing Sibuyan Sea


  • 150 hectares constituted the 75 hectares of Fairways and Bluewater


  • Keyhole will be the future jetty port for and tourists of Boracay Newcoast.

  • An exclusive, kilometer-long coast line separated into 3beach coves inside Boracay Newcoast.

  • Boracay Newcoast makes up 15% of the island.

  • Underground cabling system

  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

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