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For many years, the world of residential development has been seeing incredible improvements all across the nation. Major changes and investments are being made to help bring a new kind of look and style to the communities and cities all around us. As the largest township in the Western Visayas, Iloilo Business Park is the perfect place to come and enjoy an exotic and enjoyable lifestyle. As a township that allows everyone to experience the best parts of life in this area, you can easily settle into a region that is going to be all about sustainable personal development.

Living in such a township is a sign that things are most certainly on the up. Designed with a unique quality and with a particular substance to every brick that has been laid, the Iloilo Business Park has become a major part of the entire region. Created with a unique vision of what life can be like when we all work together to give everyone what they absolutely deserve, the Iloilo Business Park serves as the perfect place to come and live if you are looking to enjoy a business and leisure township that’s perfect for any ambitious, aspiring professional.

72-Hectares of Glory


This entire township is placed into an incredible 72-hectare location, ensuring that it’s expansive and large as well as detailed. With a range of mixed-use developments planned across the whole area, this is going to make it very easy for you to enjoy being a part of the community here. The reasons why will be obvious the minute that you set foot in this unique location – it’s an up and coming, vibrant area that makes it easy for people of all backgrounds and personalities to settle into an area which has one demand; that you aspire to be the best person that you can be!

This allows for the development of a vibrant and exciting township that has no limit on possibility. If you have the ambition to succeed and the desire to find a means to make that success possible, then spending time across these 72-hectacres can be just what you need to see a unique part of the world that is always developing, never regressing.

One major part of this, though, is the excellent Mandurriao District layout. This township has been designed to ensure that quality of life, and variety in choice, is normality.

An Investment Worth Experiencing


Given that the Iloilo Business Park is the single largest investment outside of Luzon, this is a location well worth coming to visit and undertake everything that it has to offer. As a location that offers fantastically detailed BPO buildings, the architecture and style of the buildings goes a very long to offering an experience that is very hard to forget. Whether being part of this township permanently is on the agenda, or you would just like to swing by and see what it can offer, Iloilo Business Park is a location that is open to all who wish to visit its wonders.

One of the most impressive parts of the investment made here, though, is the incredible Iloilo Convention Center. An incredible 3,700-seat location to come and visit incredible events take place, this is the perfect place to head over to if you are looking for an easy way to engage with the community while staying in the very lap of luxury. Add in the fact that the location is surrounded by such a rich selection of amenities, and it becomes easy to see why life in the Iloilo Business Park is so easy to enjoy!

Plenty to Do & See


Worried about where you will stay? The Iloilo Business Park is home to some amazing hotel brands, such as Richmonde and Marriot, making it easy to find somewhere to settle down while you spend time in the luxurious surroundings that the Iloilo Business Park offers.

Another part of this location is the excellent shopping experience that anyone can experience. Take the time to swing by the iconic Festive Walk Mall, and you can enjoy a shopping and dining strip. It’s loaded with all the best shops and restaurants around, making it easy to find exactly what you came here for.

Indeed, take the time to head over to the Street itself and you can enjoy a unique experience, where the IT Park exists. In here, you can see where the bulk of the activity takes place within the region. Expected to grow even larger over the next decade, too, this is going to be play host to some of the most luxurious living spaces and working locations that you are likely to come across.

A Sea of Opportunity


While the Iloilo Business Park offers all the class and style that you could reasonable expect, it does everything it can to promote the opportunity that wait for all when they arrive in this wonderful location. This is a location that makes it easy for you to enjoy so many different sections, from the One Madison Place to The Palladium. Each location offers a unique part of the township that has to be seen to be believed. Whatever it is that you are looking for, you will find that there is a location in the Iloilo Business Park that can help you to achieve whatever aims or ambitions you have arrived here with!

As a location that already has 80% of its commercial lots moving into the hands of financial and banking firms, you can easily arrive here and enjoy an exciting, engrossing experience that is loaded with opportunity. Whether it’s commerce, networking or just some fun you are looking to explore, the Iloilo Business Park will ensure that you have no problems in matching those ambitions.

This is a location that is still growing and improve. Come down and see what it has to offer – in terms of an upmarket location with almost limitless potential, few townships can possibly provide you with the same kind of intricate, loving attention to detail and care.



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  • Mandurriao District

Did You Know?

  • Iloilo Business Park is the BIGGEST Township in Western Visayas

Why Choose Iloilo Business Park?

  • Pollution Control

  • Uncrowded

  • Less Traffic

  • Affordable Cost of Living

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  • Festive Walk Parade

  • BPO Buildings

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  • Iloilo Convention Center

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