Why You Should Move to BGC?

10 Reasons Why You Should Move to BGC | Megaworld Fort

Choosing the finest place to settle is one of the biggest decisions people make in life. Moving into a condominium, apartment or room for rent is never easy. It requires effort, money, and above all, your most precious time. It dictates your future life plans and decisions. These are just some of the reasons why looking for a place to stay should be taken into serious and smart consideration.

In the recent years, one name is being manifested as the most modern and developed city in the country – Bonifacio Global City, BGC, or The Fort. Looking forward, BGC is the new central business district in the Philippines. With major companies moving in, both international and local, people get attracted to settle permanently in this flourishing city in the south. BGC is being eyed by numerous developers from all over the city, and some international investors are giving reasonable shares to make this a better place for businessmen, young professionals, and for people looking for an exceptionally elegant and convenient way of living.  With thousands of pre-selling condo in BGC, what is it then that makes this a better place to live?

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Here are 10 reasons why you should move to BGC:


  1. Convenient location for professionals

Several companies transferred their headquarters in BGC. The working population in this city is also starting to increase. For young professionals starting up their career and still haven’t made up their mind which place to work, BGC is the best choice because of hundreds of international and local companies to choose from. It’s the perfect place for bankers; to name some – JP Morgan, Eastwest Bank, RCBC, and Maybank. More is expected to come. Traffic condition is also manageable for people within the area compared to the busy streets of Makati and Ortigas.

  1. Excellent playground

There are recreational activities ideal for both children and people of all ages. From wholesome parks to extreme activities, name it and BGC got it. Among the famous activities are The Trapeze, KidZania, The Mind Museum, and several man-made parks where you can do jogging, yoga, exercise, or play football in the field. It’s definitely an excellent way for kids to learn and enjoy at the same time!

  1. Peaceful atmosphere

Since a big portion of the city is made of nature, you can feel the fresh air just by sitting in the park or walking by the trees. It’s like a big park all in one. For students looking for a place to study, it’s a great place to hang out and review for the exam. For those who just want to relax and have peace of mind, free parks are always open to welcome everyone.

  1. Elegant condominiums

Condominiums for sale have started to boom in Bonifacio Global City with the help of real estate developers. Because of its convenient location that is isolated from the noisy and busy streets of Makati and Ortigas, this place is ideal for a quiet environment to put up condominiums with cutting edge architecture that matches the world-class edifice around the city.

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  1. International shopping spots

Shopping centers offering international brands are within reach. No need to go out of the country or rush to Duty-Free just to buy the brands you’re longing for.

  1. Fine dining restaurants and pubs

International cuisines and fine dining restaurants are spread all throughout the city. This is a great place for get-togethers and to have fun after a busy day.

  1. Reputable academic institutions

Several international schools to choose from – Manila Japanese School, International British School, Korean International School, etc. They offer a world-class education. Due to the increasing population of foreign citizens, international schools are also booming.

  1. Eco-friendly condominiums

Real estate developers are coming up with unique styles of condominiums, yet very friendly to the environment. Trees are everywhere giving a perfect blend of modern and natural effect.

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  1. World-class amenities

Exceptionally-designed swimming pools, activity centers, playground, fitness centers, and the like. All these modern architectural designs made to blend with the unique global city living.

  1. Accessibility to major cities

Bonifacio Global City is just a few minutes drive from Makati, Ortigas, and other major cities and passageway such as EDSA and Ayala. It’s very close to Ninoy Aquino International Airport for those travelling for business or recreation. There are also shortcuts going to the south and north areas.

While you still have the time and the chance of a lifetime, there is no other place but BGC to move and settle for good. What they offer is a limited opportunity. It’s about time to check the list of BGC condo for sale and start saving up for a brighter future. This city is indeed the next universal city of the country. Choosing BGC is not only a smart investment; it is life’s one great decision.



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