‘Colorful experience’ awaits at Savoy

April 1, 2017

Savoy is an urban contemporary hotel that makes use of a coastal design.

Savoy is an urban contemporary hotel that makes use of a coastal design.

Seasoned hotelier Adie A. Gallares wants to offer a highly personalized touch in what is shaping up to be the single largest hotel in Boracay in terms of room capacity.

For the general manager of the eight-storey Savoy Hotel, the goal is to offer guests a colorful, unparalleled experience in this famed island paradise.

“We’re bringing in a personalized touch in customer service even though we have a huge number of rooms and big spaces. We want it to be ‘more experiential’ for the guests, meaning their stay will not just be all about staying in a posh hotel. We want to strike an emotional chord from the time they reserve a room, up to the time they leave the hotel,” Gallares explained.

Vibrant experience

Savoy Hotel, located at the 150-hectare Boracay Newcoast, is slated to open its doors on April 18, during which it will make available some 300 rooms. At full operations, 559 rooms will be offered for that unique and “colorful” experience.

Gallares explained that their tagline—“Color your experience”—pretty much sums up what they intend to provide guests staying at Savoy Hotel.

“It’s an urban contemporary hotel that makes use of a coastal design as seen in the decor and the patterns in the ceilings and the walls. Also, the colors we used are vibrant and hip to give our guests a different flavor and feel,” Gallares explained.

“We will try to color your experience and give guests not just memories that are black and white, but those that are vibrant. We want to connect with our guests on an emotional level because colors can be a personal experience. Simply put, we want guests to get lost in the experience,” he said.

A more personalized touch in customer service  awaits guests at Savoy.

A more personalized touch in customer service awaits guests at Savoy.


At the same time, the Savoy Hotel is hoping to help decongest the crowded White Beach in Boracay—a move that is expected to give this 4-kilometer stretch more room to breathe.

“We also want to bring in more guests to that part of the island because (the main beach) is also getting too crowded. At the same time, we at Savoy, is also part of a masterplanned development that has sustainability as one of its main thrusts,” Gallares added.

The Savoy, which will be operated and managed by the Prestige Hotels and Resorts Inc., is one of the hotels being put up within the Boracay Newcoast, a masterplanned project that seeks to be a model of sustainable tourism and development.

One feature at the Savoy Hotel is that it will be a condominium hotel, which means some of the rooms will be put up for sale.

Such an arrangement offers a worry-free
investment for the prospective buyer as the hotel operator will manage the leasing of the hotel rooms, their maintenance, refurbishment, and improvement, as well as operating expenses, association dues, and other charges.

The unit owner will also be entitled to 30 nights a year, and to a share in net room revenue, regardless of whether the unit was rented or not.

Source: Inquirer

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